“It’s 2019! New year, new you, right? Well, we shouldn’t let those migraines keep us from attaining the resolutions that we want to keep. To help in the fight against migraines, there is a new class of medicines that were released just last year that are being hailed as the next breakthrough in migraine prevention. They are called CGRP inhibitors and they are the first migraine preventatives that were designed SPECIFICALLY FOR MIGRAINE! Prior to these medicines, all of the other preventatives used have been nonspecific; antidepressants, antiseizure medicines, antihypertensive medicine, and yes, even Botulinum Toxin. All of these nonspecific drugs have plenty of side effects that can sometimes be more damaging than the benefits that they provide. The great news about the CGRP inhibitors is that not only do they not interact with any other medicines, but according to the clinical trials, they have minimal side effects. How many medicines can claim that!?!

All of the providers at NCN treat migraine and well-versed in using these new medicines to help keep you from missing work and social activities. Did you know those with migraine miss twice as many days for social and leisure activities than work days? Why should you or your loved ones suffer when you can try and prevent as many of these attacks as possible? Let’s make this new year more productive and make an appointment to try one of the new CGRP inhibitors. “


Chad Whyte, MD, FAHS